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OpenQL Project

The Open Quantum Library (OpenQL) Project provides Quantum Computer Emulator and various open source libraries for using quantum computing.

About OpenQL Project

OpenQL (Open Quantum Library) is open source software for using quantum computer. OpenQL specifications and libraries based on OpenQL is released based on Apache License 2.0 and hence free for both academic and commercial use.
When you develop programs that operates with a quantum computer, you need tough preparation until you actually operate it. Even if you are super-engineer with skills of traditional classical computers, it will be difficult to predict their behavior, since it is completely different from the current computer. Therefore, as an environment to understand the operation of the quantum computer, the OpenQL project will develop a quantum computer emulator and provide an environment for engineers to learn their programming skills widely.

Products and Services

Quantum Computer Emulator

Quantum Computer Emulator is for dealing with pseudo quantum computers. The Quantum Computer Emulator (QCE) emulates the architecture that would have difference from the normal classical computer if quantum computer will realize.

During development, it is called the name of an Ukiyo-e artist (Ukiyo-e is traditional Japanese Art) as its code name. Depending on its use, we will provide you with upgrading as follows.

Hokusai (Version 0.x, beta release)

Hokusai has a mechanism for handling basic circuits of quantum computers. The behavior of qubits in quantum computers requires knowledge quite different from conventional classical computers. Hokusai aims to learn the behavior of this qubit.

Hokusai’s specification is: